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1220 Nomination and Election of BOE.pdf
1310 Power and Duties of the Board.pdf
1311 Duties of the President.pdf
1312 Duties of the VP.pdf
1314 Duties of the Treasurer.pdf
1315 Duties of the Internal Auditor.pdf
1410 Fomulation Amendment and Adoption of Policy.pdf
1431 Regular Mtgs of the BOCES.pdf
1432 Order of Business at Regular Mtgs.pdf
1436 Special Meetings of the Board.pdf
1437 Annual Meeting.pdf
1438 Annual Organization Meeting.pdf
1520 Attendance By Board Members at Conf.pdf
1540 Board Self Evaluation.pdf
1550 Orienting New Board Members Revised Nov.pdf
2110 BOCES Public Relations and Communications.pdf
2410 Code of Conduct on BOCES Property.pdf
3111 District Superintendent.pdf
3150 Consultants.pdf
3210 Administrative Organization and Operation.pdf
4110 Budget Planning and Preparation.pdf
4120 Budget Development and Adoption.pdf
4130 Administration of Budget.pdf
4210 Investments.pdf
4220 Applications for State and Federal Funds.pdf
4230 Acceptance of Gifts Grants and Bequests to BOCES.pdf
4310 Purchasing Policy.pdf
4320 BOCES Personal Property Accountability.pdf
4321 Use of BOCES Credit Card.pdf
4431 Disposal of BOCES Property.pdf
4440 Accountability for BOCES Funds.pdf
4460 Special Projects Contracts and Incidental Employee Agreements.pdf
4484 Financial Accountability.pdf
4485 Compensatory Time Policy.pdf
4510 Facilities Planning.pdf
4511 Facilities-Inspection Operation and Maintenance Policy.pdf
4512 Evaluation Existing Buildings.pdf
4513 Site Acquisition.pdf
4514 Closing of Facilities.pdf
4520 Owned or Leased Vehicles.pdf
4530 Insurance and Employee Bonds.pdf
5120 Equal Employment Opportunity.pdf
5121 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.pdf
5150 Recruitment Selection and Appt of Personnel.pdf
5151 Temporary and Part Time Employees.pdf
5156 Teacher Tenure Areas.pdf
5157 Fingerprinting of Prospective BOCES Employees.pdf
5211Travel Expenses Conference Approval.doc
5211Travel Expenses Conference Approval.pdf
5230 Negotiations.pdf
5260 BOCES Personnel Use of Comp Info Resources.pdf
5310 Health Insurance.pdf
5321 Use of the BOCES Credit Card.pdf
5322 Use of BOCES Cell Phones.pdf
5330 Tax Sheltered Annuities.pdf
5672 - Information Security Breach and Notification.pdf
5674 - Data Networks and Security Access.pdf
6121- Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.pdf
6211 Corporal Punishment-Physical Restraint.pdf
6212 Suspension of Students Attending BOCES Programs.pdf
6214 Student Use of Computerized Info Resources.pdf
7170 Instructional Technology.pdf
7210 Media Preview and Purchasing.pdf
7320 School Calendar School Day.pdf
BOCES Application.pdf
Policy 1550 Orienting New Board Members Revised Nov.pdf