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2017-2018 Pay Rates.pdf
Approved BOE Minutes June 8, 2017.pdf
ASI 7-6-17 Report.pdf
Bank of America Cardholders July 2017.pdf
BOE Announcement to Tech Ctrs and Admin.pdf
BOE Minutes June 8, 2017.docx
BOE Minutes June 8, 2017.pdf
Cell Phone List July 2017.pdf
Claims Auditor Report July 2017.pdf
Combined Administrator Addendum 3-2017 (003).pdf
Combined Administrator Addendum 7-2017.pdf
Employee Handbook 07012017.pdf
July 2017 BOE Agenda.pdf
Policy 4515 Carbon Monoxide Safety.pdf
School Billing Report.pdf
Standard Work Day.pdf
Tom Burns Agreement July 2017.pdf
Town Fowler intermunicipal agreement with BOCES 2017.pdf
TRB Agreement 2017-2020.pdf
TRB Report July 2017.pdf
Wright Express Gas Cards 2017.pdf