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2015-2016 Pay Rates.pdf
5211Travel Expenses Conference Approval Step 3.pdf
5211Travel Expenses Conference Approval.pdf
6215 Probation and Tenure Step 3.pdf
6216 Disciplining of Tenured Teacher or Certified Personnel Step 3.pdf
ASI Report for August 2015.pdf
August 20 2015 BOE Meeting.pdf
Budget Report.pdf
Lease Agreement SMDA.pdf
October 15, 2015 BOE Special Agenda.pdf
Personnel 9-2-2015.pdf
Policy 6215 and 6216.pdf
School Billing Report.pdf
Sept 2 2015 Special Meeting (3).pdf
September 10 2015 BOE Agenda.pdf
September 2 2015 Approved BOE Minutes & Personnel.pdf
September Approved BOE Minutes and Personnel 2015.pdf
September Special 2015 BOE Agenda.pdf
TRB Report for September 2015.pdf