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9:43 AM 2016-2017 Pay Rates.pdf
12:23 PM ASI Report for June 2016.pdf
2:01 PM Bank of America Cardholders July 2016.pdf
7:20 AM billing report.pdf
10:40 AM Burns Thomas - Wallace Advisory Team.pdf
1:59 PM Cell Phone List July 2016.pdf
1:23 PM Claims Auditor Report ending June 30, 2016.pdf
11:01 AM Cooperative Purchasing Agreement.pdf
2:10 PM Intermunicipal Cooperation Agreement.pdf
1:01 PM July 2016 BOE Agenda.pdf
1:55 PM June 2 2016 BOE Minutes and Personnel.pdf
2:17 PM Personnel7-16.pdf
10:58 AM RSS Salary Schedule~July 2016.pdf
12:52 PM School Conduct and Discipline Code 2016.pdf
12:53 PM Student Handbook II 2016-17.pdf
9:07 AM Tom Burns Agreement with Amendment July 2016.pdf
9:11 AM TRB Report for July 2016.doc
9:10 AM TRB Report for July 2016.pdf
1:58 PM Wright Express Gas Cards 2016.pdf